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Discover Rome with iDotto, your travel buddy
It's an "almost human" intelligence
iDotto has been to school to study Artificial Intelligence It understands your moves and your pace, and chooses among thousands of paragraphs to build a logically and semantically sound narration just for you. It will be just like having a real professional tour guide with you! iDotto will surprise you with its natural expression and professionally devised content.
Guide, offline Map and navigator
No need to worry about the cost or coverage of Internet connections when you visit the city. iDotto works just fine offline. iDotto includes maps for most of the city with lots of points of interest, and can calculate the best route to your destination. As you walk it will tell you about the wonders you will find on your way, all while staying offline.
Intelligent Guide to Rome
iDotto is an audio guide of Rome like no other! It always knows where you are and tells you what you are looking at, adding detail according to your preferences, your interests and the duration of your stay. And if you go back to a place you already saw, iDotto will remember and won't repeat the same things again!
Personalized trip
iDotto tells you about art and monuments, but also stories and legends, film locations and shopping hints, in a captivating and exciting personalized narrative which can last up to 25 hours! iDotto will ask for your favorite topics, and every time you'll be able to say if you liked a particular text. It will bear that in mind to keep you happy!

The Forum
Do you know what used to happen here?
St. Peter's Basilica
Who are those statues of?
The Capitol
Why is there a goose on the stairway?
Four Rivers Fountain
The horse looks like it's moving!